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All Tube Testers - Repair & Spare Parts
Specialize in tube tester repairs, calibration, and upgrades. Service all makes and models of tube testers. Many new spare parts are offered too.
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Darcell - Domestic and Imported Electron Tubes and Tube Sockets
Whether you're an audio equipment enthusiast, antique photo equipment collector, or radio repair shop, we offer a full range of foreign and domestic electron tubes. From transmitting, receiving, and major brand names to hard-to-find items, our inventory features a full array of tube types from yesterday and today. Located in El Monte, California.
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"RoeTest" Professional Tube-Testing System - Germany
The RoeTest is a modern tube measuring instrument controlled by a computer. By the use of a PC and software result opposite the conventional tube testers substantial advantages. Measuring a tube becomes easy: Load tubedata - start desired measurement by push of a button - read results (or print or store or valve characteristics compare). An extensive tubedatabase, those is extended again and again and supplemented is basis of the tube tester. In it in the meantime data of many thousands tubes are contained. This site is in German except for what is noted here.
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Lots of info about tube testers, tubes, and some audio is presented here. There are also tube tester and audio manuals for sale. The picture of the authors collection of tube testers laid out in his yeard on the ’Tube Testers’ page is amazing!
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Tube Freak - Vintage Pro Tube Audio Info & Schematics
Great informative site on guitar (rack) gear, tubes, rare schematics, etc. Lots of free PDF’s of vintage pro audio schematics, a vintage gear database, lots of vacuum tube info, and a small tube tester page are some of the features. They also sell some items and have an analog, tube audio mastering service.
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Tubes_Tubes_Tubes http://tubes_tubes_t......index.html
Offers new and used tubes, transformer rewinding, NOS reformed can (twist tab) electrolytics, and NOS SAM’S Photofacts.
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JF Antique Radio Repair - VA
Repair of Antique Radios and Tube Equipment. 30 years experience. Reasonable rates. Serving the Mid-Atlantic area. Located in Ashburn, VA. (Northern Virginia).
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Chris's Old Radios - Precision Tube Tester Data
Manuals and tube charts for many Precision plus Western Electric (Hickok) model KS-15560 L1 Tube Tester and Lafayette TE15 tube testers.
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JAC Music - Tubes, Amplifiers, & Tech Tips
Tube vendor and seller of tube amplifiers, kits, and accessories. They also have a lot of interesting material under ’Tech Corner’ including a link to their huge tube tester collection that has lots of tech info. To find the 'Tech Corner' section, click on the '1. Worldwide, not to Germany' under the American/British flag to go to an English menu and scroll to the bottom. For German, follow the similar link under the German falg. We have another link their to their page on Geisler and other gassy, ’Blue Glow’ tubes under ’Tubes & Electronic Parts > Tech Data/Info’.
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Dr. Tube - Tube Amp Service & Tube Sales - NL
The specialist in the repair and modification of tube amps. Also sell new vacuum tubes from JJ, Svetlana, Electro Harmonix, Sovtek Tung-Sol & Shuguang and offers a supply of vintage tubes as well. They also offer free schematics for many vintage audio and guitar amps and have several free tube data sheets too. The tube audio links page is quite good with tube and transformer manufacturer links amongst others.
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Tube Collector Magazine http://www.tubecolle......becoll.htm
Tube Collector is the official publication of the Tube Collectors Association (TCA). Every issue of Tube Collector is packed with informative articles on a wide range of aspects of the tube collecting hobby and electronic history as shown below. Regular features include club announcements, reader feedback, buy/sell/trade, and auction results. Members also receive annual Special Publications. Tube Collector is edited by Ludwell Sibley, respected author of the reference volume Tube Lore, who has also written hundreds of tube related articles for various radio publications.
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The 'Blue Glow' Page - Geisler & Other Gassy Tubes http://www.jacmusic.......ueglow.htm
This is the JAC Music page with a history of Geisler tubes and gassy tubes ingeneral. Mercury vapor, thyratrons, and experiments with unintentionally gassy tubes are covered. Info on how to (sometimes) repair a gassy tube is here too.
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SND Tube Sales
Full line vacuum tube sales. Also sells related components and vintage manuals including tube tester manuals.
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Tube Collectors Association
The Tube Collectors Association is established to support and encourage the collection of electron tubes of all types and historical periods. The TCA provides a forum for sharing information on the development, manufacturing, trends in design, specifications, and historical relevance of electron tubes. The membership of TCA is dedicated to the non-commercial collection of electron tubes and the preservation of electron tube history. TCA prints a magazine six tuimes per year. They also offer on site tube ads and a tube database search engine.
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Antique Tube Supply
Antique Tube Supply - Your center for Vacuum Tubes, Electron tubes for all your old Radio/Ham and Audio Tube gear!
Score:11 Added:23 Nov 2010 Clicks:164 Rating:0.00 Reviews:0 Review this web site - Tube Data, Catalogs, & Links
A very useful page of PDF downloads of many vintage tube manufacturer catalogs and data sheets. There are also some articles and tube related links.
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EL34 World - Tube Audio Info & Schematics
This site includes a searchable data library about everything related to tube audio. There is also a free schematic download section with about 2,500 schematics too.
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The Tube Store
Tube seller centered on tubes for guitar amps and other tube music amplifiers. Also sells ham radio transmitting and most other tube types plus capacitors and other tube related components.
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Precision Tube Testers Info Page http://pcbunn.cacr.c......esters.htm
A page with pictures, information, and links all related to vintage Precision tube testers.
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Basics Of Vacuum Tubes
Scanned chapters of old tube related books in English or German. There is a lot of vacuum tube info imbedded here!
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Hoffman Amplifiers - Guitar Amplifier Parts & Building Supplies
Offers an extensive selection of Guitar Tube Amplifier Parts, Guitar Amplifier Building Supplies And LED Bike light parts.
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EB5AGV’s TV-7 Tube Tester Page
This is a page devoted to the TV-7( )/U family of tube testers. These testers have become very popular for people interested in vacuum tube technology. These are portable units, which a size small enought to carry them easily. EB5AGV’s main webpage, ’Vintage Amateur Radio and Test Equipment Site’ is lsited under ’Test Equipment’ here on the VR links page.
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Vacuum Tubes, Inc. - Tubes, Capacitors, Books
Vacuum Tubes, Inc. offers high quality tubes, sockets, capacitors, ballast and delay relays, dial lamps, and other parts for antique radio, ham radio, audio, and industrial applications. They also sell many books and original radio and audio catalogs and literature.
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NJ7P Tube Database Search
From this sites owner: I have entered or verified the data contained in the following RCA tube manuals: R-10 (1935), RC-15 (1947), RC-29 (1973) and TT-5 (1962). I have also entered data from a TungSol tube manual last updated in 1955. Some GE and Sylvania data was obtained Franks and the Nostalgia Air Tube Site. This is an easy to use tube specification database.
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Personal antique radio collect page with very nice photos and info for all of the radios. A highlight is a free PDF download of 'Consolidated Test Data For Hickok Model 533A-600A-605A Tube Testers (over 100 pages)'. Be sure to read 'The fine print:'!
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