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Lots of free radio airchecks from all eras plus modern Q&A sessions with personalities, programmers and consultants and an active blog too.
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Big Apple Airchecks http://www.bigapplea....../main.html
Aircheck trader with many, many airchecks. Unfortunately nothing is available on line although much of his inventory is available on other sites.
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California Aircheck - US & Canada Airchecks
California Aircheck offers current radio airchecks from all across North America, video radio airchecks shot in the studio of America's top stations and classic top 40 airchecks form the 50s to the 80s.
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CHUM Toronto Music Charts & Airchecks
On May 27, 1957, CHUM became the first all RockíníRoll radio station in Canada. This site documents their history with music charts and many vintage airchecks. Be sure to check the front page of this website for other neat sixties nostalgia!
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European Radio Airchecks - Radio Caroline, Radio Luxembourg, Etc. http://www.internetw......urorad.htm
Small group of 1983-1990 Radio Caroline, Radio Luxembourg, and other huge European legal and not so legal popular music radio stations.
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JAM Productions Jingles - Current & History
JAM creates radio station jingles (IDs), TV jingles, commercial jingles and custom music for clients worldwide from our recording studios in Dallas, Texas. JAM has been making jingles since 1978. Their history and cool old jingles are available under the 'JAM Fans' tab.
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Jingle Freaks - Old Radio Jingles Archive
Large repository of vintage radio jingles operated by archivist and a collector of Radio Jingles and other memorabilia available for your enjoyment.
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Jingle University - A How To Course!
Certainly a different site - You can actually learn much about the jingle industry here! There are also some pictures of people making jingles in the good old days and some other cool stuff.
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Johnny Mann Singers - Jingles, Beautiful Music, & History
The Johnny Mann Singers made classic jingles for KHJ and many other stations including KFRC, CKLW, WHBO, KFWB, K-Earth, and WOR. And, they still make current jingles and lots of them! You may also remember them as a singing group that you heard on elevator music stations. Go figure! Rock n' Roll jingles and easy listening music! They are still making the music too and have picked up a frew Grammy awards. A current CD is available at this site.
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Man from Mars Productions - Airchecks, Music Surveys, & QSLs
Site offers many vintage radio station music surveys and QSL cards in addition to more than 4,800 airchecks are catalogued in a searchable database. Everything is free except for the airchecks which are sold on cassette tapes.
Added:16 Feb 2012 Clicks:13 Rating:0.00 Reviews:0 Review this web site - Vintage Northeast US Airchecks
Hundreds of airchecks free to listen to airchecks from the Northeastern United States. If you like listening to vintage radio broadcasts of the rock era, youíll love this!
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PAMS Radio & TV Jingle History
PAMS was founded in 1951, and was the first production company to specialize in the creation and syndication of station identification jingle packages for radio and TV stations. The sound of PAMS jingles was an unmistakable part of top-40 radio in the 1950s, '60s and '70s. This classic material, and the history behind it, lives here.
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Production Library & Jingle Company Tribute Page
This site offers vintage jingle and production library record cuts and demos from William B. Tanner, CRC, and the RCA Thesaurus plus some history about these companies.
Added:17 Feb 2012 Clicks:25 Rating:0.00 Reviews:0 Review this web site - Historic Minneapolis/St.Paul Radio Airchecks - featuring hundreds of hours of recordings of Minneapolis/St. Paul radio stations dating back to 1924 with many from the 1950s to 1980s. Youíll find 1,000+ recordings from station jingles to show broadcasts. Also included are 150 videos of local TV news coverage of Twin Cities radio stations, Airchecks, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, Radio, Historic Airchecks
Added:20 Feb 2012 Clicks:16 Rating:0.00 Reviews:0 Review this web site - Classic Top 40 Radio Airchecks
The Repository is a wonderful "Collection of Collections", a continuing and combined effort of broadcasters and listeners who remember Top 40 Radio. This site is an archive of radio airchecks from the late fifties to the mid-90s. Some programs are free. This is a non-profit organization but full access costs $15 yearly.
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Rock Radio Scrapbook - Canadian/US Airchecks
Rock Radio Scrapbook is a non-profit, free to all resource that has been celebrating great Top 40 radio on-line since October 29, 1996. The slant is toward Canada, western New York and the eastern U.S. but we feature plenty of material from other regions as well.
Added:15 Jul 2010 Clicks:29 Rating:0.00 Reviews:0 Review this web site - Many 1980s Era Radio Station Airchecks
Many eighties era airchecks are available on this page from many stations including WCAU-FM, WBBM-FM, WFBL, WFEC, WMAR-FM, WTIC-FM, WNVZ, and many others. There is also a link to an on-line hot hits radio stream operated by the author and a broadcast DXing page amongst others.
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