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ApogeeKits Electronic Kits, Tools, & tech Info
Electronic kits and tools for the budding electronics hobbyist to the advanced professional and every level in between. Many of our electronic hobby kits and instruments have been award winners in student science fairs! Check out some of our electronic kit pages. Many of our pages contain FREE electronic kit circuit schematics and theory of operation descriptions. Our many fine electronic hobby kits teach fundamental electronic concepts. Our electronic kits and circuits are educational, fun, and useful. Of our hundreds of electronic kits and products, many are available in the U.S. exclusively through ApogeeKits Electronic Kits and Tools.
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Borden Radio Company
Crystal, razor blade, one tube, and other vintage style radio kits plus parts and supplies. Radio and TV schematics including specialty Hedge radio schematics for very early Zenith radios. Also offers antique radio service.
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Carl's Electronics - Electronic Kits & Plans
Lots of electronic kits including some modern radio kits. A good place to get kits of kids to build too.
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Crystal Radio Supply
Crystal radio kits, parts, and plans. Also offers a tube radio kit and some handy electronics calculators on site. Supplier of Litz wire.
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Geoff's Crystal Receivers
Built with the style and the elegance of the early wireless apparatus. Hearken back to those old days with the operator huddled in front of his loose coupler receiver. His headphones pressed firmly to his ears. His fingers gently adjusting the fragile galena detector tickler, listening for those ever so faint spark signals from the ships at sea! This site sell you the parts that you will need to build artful crystal receivers that look as good as anything from the 'good old days'!
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Maker Shed Vacuum Tube Radio Kit http://www.makershed......Code=MKGK7
This high-quality kit allows you to put together a real, functional, vacuum-tube radio! This kit is part of Japanese kit maker Gakken's Sophisticated Science Kit for Adults series. Maker Shed is the exclusive North American supplier.
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Midnight Science - The Xtal Society's Radio Kits Page
The Xtal Society offers many crystal radio and related kits for hobbyists.
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MTM Scientific, Inc. - AM Radio Loop Antenna
Seller of Am radio loop antenna kits and plans. They also offer some interesting (and even odd!0 kits and plans on their home page (follow the link at the bottom of the page).
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Peeble's Originals - Crstal & Tube Radio Kits
Mike Peebles has been producing crystal radios, tube radios, transistor radio kits, and informative instruction articles, since 1988. Mike writes the "Peebles Choice" column in the Xtal Set Society newsletter, which is also dedicated to crystal, tube, and transistor radio of the vintage nature. Supplying radio kits, parts, literature, instructions & information in the interest of hobby radio building and experimenting.
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Tube Pocket Portable Radio Projects - Japan
This site presents many modern design mini-tube radio projects. The pictures are very interesting with the radios being very nicely desined asthetically often in clear luctite cabinets. Certainly a unique site! This site is mostly in Japanese (with some English).
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Vectronics - Am Radio Transmitter KIt & Ham Radio Kits http://www.vectronic......=VEC-1290K
If you ever dreamed of having your own radio station, here is your low cost opportunity. You can set up your own AM station and broadcast crystal clear programming from your studio. Play music from your CD player, tape deck or other source. You can choose any clear frequency in the AM broadcast band from 530 to 1750 KHz and broadcast interference free to your neighborhood. Your kit accepts a standard line level or microphone input so its easy to connect to CD players, tape decks or mike mixers. Has audio level adjustment. Has high level AM modulation for low distortion. An FCC license is not required. You should read the article about this transmitter for recommended upgrades at which is linked in this category also.
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Vintage Components - - Radio Kits
Crystal and tube radio kits plus AM transmitter kits, parts, reproduction radios, and radio parts too.
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