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C. Crane
Seller and manufacturer of some very nice modern SW and portable radio amongst other cool things. Relative to VR, they offer a very nice FM transmitter that may be of interest for broadcasting radio programs and other audio in your home.
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EDM Electronics - Legal Sythesized FM Transmitters
EDM transmitters are the transmitter of choice for many Audio Professionals and Hobbyists worldwide. Our line of transmitters are very affordable while providing performance that leaves most competitors in the dust. These are legal 10mW FM stereo transmitter kits made in South Africa. You can even add text data to your transmission like the big stations.
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Hamilton Rangemaster LPAM Transmitter
Hamilton manufactures the US made AM100 LPAM transmitter. This likely isn't the average AM mini transmitter either in performance or price. It allows for true pro AM broadcasting modulation levels and audio quality but it isn't cheap! There are actually people using 'networks of several of these transmitters to cover communities. The AM1000C crystal or AM1000A agile transmitter. The AM1000A allows for easy setting of transmit channel with switches. Full station packages are available.
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Low Power AM Transmitter Reviews From http://www.vintage-r......tters.html
This is a review of four small radio transmitters that offer a way of retransmitting the programmes on MW at low power, so that your vintage radio can be tuned into them properly. Four low-power transmitter products that do just this are reviewed here. Those that are still available are linked in this section. From, a good UK technically oriented antique radio site..
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Low Power Radio - AM Transmitters
This company makes three small AM broadcast transmitters for FCC Part 15 low power broadcasting or for use with playing music through your old radios. Kits and assembled models available.
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North Country Radio - Radio & LP AM/FM/TV Transmitter Kits
Supplier of RF and Video Transmitters and Receivers, Electronic kits, Video Devices, Light Controllers, Books and CDROMs, And Specialty & Related items for the Electronics Experimenter , Hobbyist, and Craftsperson. In particular, they sell AM and FM license free, low power AM, FM, and TV transmitter kits. They also sell shortwave receiver kits and other kits of potential interest to ham radio and electronics experimenters.
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SStran AMT3000 AM Radio Broadcast Transmitter Kit
Manufacturer of high fidelity, low power AM transmitter kits. Available in both 9 and 10 kHz spacing models.
Added:26 Oct 2010 Clicks:41 Rating:0.00 Reviews:0 Review this web site - Legal Radio Station Projects & Tech Info http://www.techlib.c......amxmit.htm
Several high quality AM micropower (US FCC legal) projects are available on this page. Most do require some RF technical experience but they look to be very good designs. There are some FM transmitters on 'Karen's Page' too and much 'techie' science and electronics hobby info and projects which are reachable via this sites homepage.
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Vectronics - Am Radio Transmitter KIt & Ham Radio Kits http://www.vectronic......=VEC-1290K
If you ever dreamed of having your own radio station, here is your low cost opportunity. You can set up your own AM station and broadcast crystal clear programming from your studio. Play music from your CD player, tape deck or other source. You can choose any clear frequency in the AM broadcast band from 530 to 1750 KHz and broadcast interference free to your neighborhood. Your kit accepts a standard line level or microphone input so its easy to connect to CD players, tape decks or mike mixers. Has audio level adjustment. Has high level AM modulation for low distortion. An FCC license is not required. You should read the article about this transmitter for recommended upgrades at which is linked in this category also.
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Vintage Components - AM Transmitter (& other) Kits
This UK company makes what seem to be very nice solid-state and tube type low power AM transmitter kits so you may broadcast an AM signal through your home or radio event. These are small, lightweight items that can be shipped reasonably anywhere. They also offer other kits and a very nice radio site in general too!
Added:15 Aug 2010 Clicks:116 Rating:9.00 Reviews:1 Read the reviews Review this web site

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